The POWER of FAITH By rockSTAR Faith Murray "My purpose on earth is to let the world know..." Have you ever been sick or in pain? What things make you feel better? For me it's ALWAYS listening to music. Music helps remind me that it's going to get [...]

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Birth of rockSTARstories

Birth of #rockSTARstories By Melodic Caring Project It was a moment…only a moment. Something sparked. What started as an interview grew into something…magical. For young rockSTAR, Mckindree Patton, a storm had wiped away the crops she worked so hard to plant. She wanted to be a professional [...]

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rockSTAR Review: Gala 2017

Cassidy Huff Honorary Development Director & rockSTAR Hey Melodic Caring Project Supporters! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Cass and I'm fourteen years old. I am Melodic Caring's Honorary Development Director, as well as a rockSTAR! I've been a rockSTAR for about four years and I've [...]

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