The POWER of FAITH By rockSTAR Faith Murray "My purpose on earth is to let the world know..." Have you ever been sick or in pain? What things make you feel better? For me it's ALWAYS listening to music. Music helps remind me that it's going to get [...]

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Thank You Letter

Thank you so much for creating this great service for sick kiddos. Last week we were lucky enough to have an in room visit from an amazing musician (I believe the founder of your organization) while my foster daughter was hospitalized at Mary Bridge in Tacoma, WA. Our foster daughter has been with us for [...]

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Music Connects

A Fight Worthwhile Letter from a rockSTAR- Alisha People always talk about the power music has to heal, and I definitely agree. Music conveys my deepest heart break, my highest enthusiasm, my greatest joy and my seemingly endless pain. Music captures a memory, a moment, and makes it forever. But even with all of [...]

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A Patients Letter to the Project

They say music is what feeling sounds like. Music, for me, is what healing sounds like. It’s what I turn on when I’m having a good day and want to dance around my room. It’s what I listen to when I’ve had a bad day and I find I can relate to the lyrics. It’s [...]

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