Smiley For Kylie

A smile is infectious. It is said to have a favorable influence on others. It is even said to be a person’s most powerful gesture. While her body was infected by disease, Kylie’s spirit was even more infectious, positively impacting the world with her most powerful gesture—her beautiful smile. After a long and brave fight [...]

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Thank You Letter

Thank you so much for creating this great service for sick kiddos. Last week we were lucky enough to have an in room visit from an amazing musician (I believe the founder of your organization) while my foster daughter was hospitalized at Mary Bridge in Tacoma, WA. Our foster daughter has been with us for [...]

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Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital

I wanted to share with you how much we love being a part of Melodic Caring Project! The families and staff here at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital are eager to hear about upcoming concerts and help get kids signed up to watch them. The concerts are fun & engaging and who doesn’t want to be [...]

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