I wanted to share with you how much we love being a part of Melodic Caring Project! The families and staff here at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital are eager to hear about upcoming concerts and help get kids signed up to watch them. The concerts are fun & engaging and who doesn’t want to be a “rockSTAR”! The “shout outs” and support that come from the performers & concert goers for our patients are phenomenal and the power music can provide in the healing process in itself is amazing! Not only does it offer an engaging distraction, but it’s also uplifting and brings joy to all who are present.

We truly enjoy collaborating with Melodic Caring Project to bring their positive, musical venues to our Mary Bridge families! Levi and/or another visiting musician also come to visit in our playroom about once a month and provide an intimate concert with our kids. We are able to broadcast the concert into patient rooms so those who are unable to visit the playroom can enjoy the concert as well. We provide musical instruments for kids to play during the concert and after, Levi shares his own musical instruments with kids who are present to strum a song of their own. If there is time, he makes a few room to room visits to meet kids who were watching from their televisions. Recently, Levi was able to deliver toys to patients that were donated by concert goers at Switchfoot concert to be given to our “rockSTARS”!

We are grateful and blessed to be a part of Melodic Caring Project and support their effort in streaming live concerts to all of our Mary Bridge families!!

Lou Ann League | Child Life Assistant
Child Life Department | MultiCare Health System


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