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Mckindree: A rockSTAR Story

Thank you to all who showed support on this amazing night! We look forward to your continued support to help make stories like this possible. More rockSTAR Stories like this will be possible with your help.

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Streaming Live
to Hospitalized Kids

Welcome to the show

Its about an artist [or band] playing a LIVE and extremely personal concert for a select group of patients. That performance is filmed and streamed LIVE directly to the patients hospital bed [or home] where they can watch the show in the comfort and anonymity of their own room. Through a live-chat feature on the Ustream page, patients can chat throughout the concert with friends, family and outside supporters sending real-time messages of love and encouragement, creating a true sense of community and support. This unique service is free to the patient and free to the hospital.


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Our Mission

is to bring genuine love and compassion together with the medically proven healing properties of music and share them with children in need.

The Power of Music

Unlike other complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) programs, the MELODIC CARING PROJECT’S model meets a real and pressing need in the market with its new innovative approach offering ease, accessibility and comfort to those suffering from serious illness or injury, especially those quarantined and/or suffering from immunodeficiency.

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Now Available on iPhone and Android for your convenience. Download our mobile app and watch concerts live from your mobile device. Also available for tablets.

Made Possible from Donations

Thank you for your support

All of this is made possible from donations. Revenues generated by donations will be re-distributed in the form of music to provide therapy, hope and empowerment to those suffering from serious illness. As a registered 501(c)3 all donations are tax-deductible.

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