Cassidy Huff
Honorary Development Director & rockSTAR

Hey Melodic Caring Project Supporters!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Cass and I’m fourteen years old. I am Melodic Caring’s Honorary Development Director, as well as a rockSTAR! I’ve been a rockSTAR for about four years and I’ve been working for MCP for about two years now. And I’ve also been co-hosting and performing at MCP’s gala’s since the very first one!

But I’m here to tell you about the most recent gala! My best friend Faith and I co-hosted along the incredible Kim Holcomb and Jim Dever from King 5 Evening Magazine! Kim co-hosted with Faith and I last year but Jim was new so our job was to “teach him the ropes” as Kim put it 😉

We all got there in mid-afternoon, ran through the schedule, and did a sound check. Then my family and I went back to the hotel and got ready for the gala! When we came back, the Neptune Theatre was completely transformed from when I saw it just hours before. There was a red carpet where guests could stop and take pictures before entering, there was a photobooth, there was hors d’oeurves being served, and the bright purple and dark blue lights that were illuminating the stage gleamed off the guitars and drums. It looked especially cool from my favorite place in the entire venue- the balcony! They’re truly the best seats in the house, you can see everything from up there! I snuck up there a couple times and stayed while the guests were eating dinner and dessert.

One of the many reasons I love Melodic Caring’s annual gala’s is because of the magic. Levi sang one of his songs called Love Loud and we had a whole Love Loud team who were wearing Love Loud shirts, and went down in the audience and were dancing, and the audience was singing along with their megaphones that each guest got at their table. As I was experiencing this from side stage, the room felt electric with incredible energy. The same thing happened when Jon Foreman from Switchfoot was on stage and singing “Lean On Me,” as I peered from behind the curtain, I saw everybody standing on their feet, with their arms around each other swaying from side to side.

There’s only one word that I can use to express the way it all felt…MAGIC.

Jim and I hosted the live auction and found out that we work really well together! We were joking around on stage with each other but we were also joking with the audience members. And they loved it! Everyone was laughing and smiling and having a great time! Then we did the dessert dash, and boy did those desserts look amazing! It was so fun to just see people rushing over to the long table in the center of the room when we called their table number.

Another very obvious reason I love the galas, is the music! I love music, and I love to sing!

So I kicked off the night with my wonderful friend Mycle Wastman and we sang one of my favorite songs, Never Lose Faith In Us. And then a little while later, Jon Foreman came out and sang a set! Then, to close the night we sang a song that we sing at the end of every Melodic Caring Gala, Levi Ware’s Hey Hey! It’s a tradition that everyone loves to sing every year at the end of the gala. Anyone who has been a part of the Melodic Caring Project crew for a while goes up on stage and sings along. It’s a crowd favorite and it always ties the night together. It’s the final piece.

Cassidy Huff onstage with Mycle Wastman. #RaiseARecord2017

I could go on and on about the gala and MCP itself but no matter how much I try to explain it, you can’t understand what I’m talking about unless you experience it for yourself. Even if you’ve never been to an MCP gala, or if you’ve been to all of them, I highly encourage you to come next year and experience the magic for yourself. I guarentee you will be blown away just like I am every single year.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s annual Melodic Caring Project Gala! There’s so many people I want to thank but there’s just so many! The two people that I do really want to thank founders Levi and Stephanie Ware. They are the wonderful people who started this entire project, that is helping so many kids around the world. Thank you so much Levi and Steph, I think I speak on behalf of everyone who works for MCP when I say we appreciate everything you do on a daily basis. I love you guys! And of course, thank YOU reader for reading all about this and for supporting this incredible organization that is part of me and very close to my heart.

See ya next year!

-Cassidy Huff
Honorary Development Director & rockSTAR