Coldplay Documentary “A Head Full of Dreams” Live Broadcast

Pinch us, we still think we may be dreaming

Melodic Caring Project was proud and honoured to team up with Coldplay to livestream their documentary “A Head Full of Dreams” to kids in hospitals all around the world.

“Today I got to watch the Coldplay documentary premiere and it was absolutely incredible…I live with Cerebral Palsy and as a result I live with chronic pain. Music is something that brings me an undeniable sense of joy…I am so grateful for the breaks from the pain and discomfort and today your music did that for me…Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Forever grateful, rockSTAR Kaelyn

Huge thanks to Coldplay for sending so much love AND a special surprise shoutout from Chris Martin to our rockSTARS in hospitals.

Learn more // Help bring hope and live music to kids in hospitals.  Do you know any children who would like to be a guest star on an upcoming concert? Become a rockSTAR today: rockSTAR Signup

Chris Martin of Coldplay
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