MCP rockSTAR Mighty Maya performs with AMOS LEE on song she inspired

A few years ago, singer Amos Lee teamed up with Melodic Caring Project (MCP) to livestream a concert from the Paramount Theater in Seattle to kids in hospital rooms (or at-home in between treatment) around the country.

During the show, he dedicated a song to a little girl named Maya, also known as Mighty Maya, who was being treated for a rare form of kidney cancer. During his shoutout to Maya, Amos said he was going to send her the quirky top hat he was wearing. But he didn’t send it to her – he delivered it to her in person the very next day with MCP Founders, Levi Ware and Stephanie Ware, and that was how their friendship began.

“I wanted to go personally to visit her and meet her and find out who she was,” he said in an interview with Vevo. “I just wanted to help be there for her,” and for him that meant learning kids songs, texting with her, and being part of her and her family’s lives.

That friendship inspired Amos to write a song called “Little Light” about Maya, which is one of 10 songs on his 2018 album My New Moon and has since released a new version called “Little Light (Mighty Maya Mix)” featuring his good friend and inspiration of the song, Mighty Maya, singing backup vocals recorded by MCP Founder, Levi Ware, at his home studio.

“She’s such a strong kid,” Amos said in his interview with Vevo. “It’s like, if you can do this, I can handle my life. I can handle whatever trivial stuff I’m going through.”

Maya is now No Evidence of Disease and continues to communicate regularly with her good buddy, Amos Lee, via text, FaceTime and unicorn emojis.

LISTEN or DOWNLOAD “Little Light (Mighty Maya Mix)” … here

To learn more about Maya’s story and her special friendship with Amos Lee, watch Maya’s FULL rockSTAR story.

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