We were pleased to welcome Carbon Leaf to join us and our rockSTARS at The Triple Door July 16. The rockSTARS Calaya, Alistair, Wyatt, Kelia, Audrey, Skyli, Olive and Alicia, were all very excited to hear the band that created all the music from Curious George 2. There is something special about hearing some of your favorite songs played personally for you. The event is made more special when lead singer Barry Privett dedicates certain songs for the children and mentions them by name. Wyatt, one of the rockSTARS, was ecstatic and ‘dancing like crazy’. His mother then proceeded to send us in a photo of him so that we were able to see Wyatt as he experienced the night. She said he had, ‘A great smile after 102 days in the hospital.’ That reaction is what brings this project a purpose. All of this sounds like something nice for the children but when you can see the reaction from the rockSTARS you can see how big of an impact people can make by such a simple act.

Carbon Leaf did a fantastic job and we were so thankful to have them join us.

If you would like to become a future rockSTAR sign up here.

Story by Megan Smith