Job Position Available: Interim Executive Director

About MCP:  The Melodic Caring Project (MCP) is a Seattle based 501(c)3 Non-Profit with the mission of supporting and encouraging hospitalized kids battling serious illness. We do this by filming live concerts and streaming them, live, to kids in their hospital beds. The kids become the rockSTARS. During the concerts we ask the artists to call the kids out by name and dedicate songs to them making it a truly unique, powerful and personal experience for the kids, their families, the artist and the audience at the show.

Position Purpose: The interim executive director is a fulltime position and will provide day-to-day management as a leader working jointly with the founders and Board of Directors to establish systems and structure as MCP transitions from the start-up stage to a professionally staffed organization. The interim executive director is responsible for providing highly specialized organizational leadership, delivery and measured impact of all programs, fiscal due diligence while establishing a healthy, safe, and productive work environment and positive positioning of the organization at all times with key stakeholders.

Reporting to the two founders and the board Chairman the interim executive director will maintain appropriate working relationships and regular communications with the Board of Directors, staff, contractors, contributors, media, consumers of service and the community. The interim executive director is a negotiated employee (W-2) relationship with the organization.

Position Duration
The interim executive director position is anticipated as a 12 month minimum commitment and will remain in place until the organization has established organizational priorities, developed and implemented sustainable systems and structures, and identified the most desirable skills for the position on a long term, permanent basis, or until one or both parties decide to terminate the relationship.

Essential Job Duties

The interim executive director will work with the founders and Board president to achieve the following. Please note that due to the small shop and involvement of the founders, this role will need to perform at both the big picture and detailed levels.

Assessment: Conduct a thorough organizational assessment from which short-term work plans are developed, implemented, and monitored in 90-day increments. Establish priorities for design and implementation.

Organization Business Plan: coordinate, oversee, and communicate the organization’s business plans, objectives, and goals.

Assist Founders With Job Description: Work with founders to clarify their individual roles especially in relationship to a future permanent executive director role. Establish clear lines of reporting for contractors and staff.

Staff Leadership: Lead associates in a manner that fosters their commitment towards achieving organizational goals.

Chief Informant: Inform the organization and its stakeholders of business goals, objectives, issues, and concerns in conjunction with the founders.

Board Relations: Assure the Board of Directors is providing responsible governance to the organization, supports the board for its meetings, and assure due process on all proceedings.

Program Accountability: Coordinate and oversee on all aspects of programs, program plans, and program evaluations.

Financial Due Diligence: Oversee organization’s financial plan and budget. Manage utilization of financial resources including timing of resource allocation. Oversee and review all contracts and purchase requests.

Policy Enforcement: Manage and coordinate activities according to established policies and procedures and recommend policy modifications to the Board of Directors. Ensure compliance with all regulatory directives. Assist in establishing policies where lacking.

Conflict Resolution: Provide resolution to complex issues, which may have no established precedence or procedure.

Diversity & Inclusiveness: Create an environment that recognizes and supports the value of diversity and models appropriate cultural competence.

Staff Resourcing: Supervise staff and contractors as determined with the founders, develop job descriptions for staff and founder roles, assist in the hiring process for staff and contractors as needs are identified. Develop a system for measuring, appraising, rewarding, performance, andretention.

Representation: Represent the organization to the public, employees, contractors/suppliers, performers and their agents, community/civic organizations, and/or other organizations.

Resource Development: Oversee organization’s fund development plan or assist in crafting a short- term strategy as a coordinated effort between volunteers, board and professional staff or contractors.

Idea-Generation: Provide forward-thinking initiatives to accomplish operational objectives, which may include organizational restructuring, process re-engineering, technological enhancements, and adaptability to changing business and regulatory environments. Recommend changes/shifts in tactical direction as appropriate for transitional purposes.

Search Assistance: As requested, assist the board or its appointee in the search process for the permanent position of Executive Director as requested.

Job Qualifications

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Public Administration, Social Work or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Experience: Minimum of five years’ experience managing a non-profit organization or association of similar size or larger. Well connected to the community, local, state and federal government,

Knowledge: Knowledge of all management aspects of a non-profit and relationship with a Board of Directors. Knowledge of federal and state social service delivery and funding systems, contract compliance, grant administration, fundraising, program development and evaluation, and human resources. Knowledge of cultural behaviors, customs, and beliefs as determined by the community supported.

Language Skills: Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in oral, written, and presentation communications. Bilingual is preferred.

Math Skills: Overall skills and knowledge of mathematical and accounting principles and practices.

Reasoning Abilities: Ability to quickly provide sound solutions to a variety of problems, issues, and concerns that surface regarding the overseeing of the entire program.

Other Abilities: Ability to negotiate winning solutions for all parties. Ability to provide organizational leadership and foster a team environment. Ability to handle multiple priorities successful.

Supporting Relationships


  • Reports to the two founders and Board President
  • Responsible for all employees involved in all functions or as negotiated with the founders
  • Develops and maintains direct and in-direct reporting relationships through a defined operating infrastructure

Major Business/Professional Conducts

Frequent contact with the Board of Directors to establish review performance, goals, or to establish or revise operating policy and procedures. Frequent contact with key committees and constituency groups of the organization. Periodic contact with government agencies and with the public to resolve compliance issues or parent concerns.

Working and Environmental Conditions

This is a fulltime position that requires 40 hours per week. Additional hours may be required for this salaried position.

Office location and requirements will be discussed and agreed upon with applicant.

Physical Demands

May require extended periods of time sitting, standing while presenting materials. Full or substantial capability to see, to hear and to be mobile required for the interim period. Able and willing to help organize MCP office and production gear. May necessitate lifting boxes up to 50lbs.